Obrazek dla aktualności
17.03.2014 | Healthy diploma of the milk producer
On 15 March this year, participants of the workshop group of the “Healthy Cow” programme’s first edition summarized the results of the three-year cooperation with experts.   
Obrazek dla aktualności
17.03.2014 | The Women’s Day celebrated with our cheese
March, 8th - the Women’s Day at the Torwar centre in Warsaw couldn’t take place without Spomlek’s representatives and cheeses. Our booth enjoyed tremendous popularity and was voted as the most engaging, consumer-friendly and interesting by the participants.    
Obrazek dla aktualności
12.03.2014 | Mozzarella-type cheese from Spomlek
The Spomlek Dairy Cooperative started selling Mozzarelka made from cow’s milk and offered in two packaging variants: a 125 g cup containing mini-balls submerged in aromatic brine and a convenient bag holding a single 125 g cheese portion.    
11.03.2014 | We care for safety of the youngest
Our Cooperative became a partner of the “Bezpiecznie z Adasiem” (Safely with little Adam) campaign, the leading organizer of which is the Jastrzębski dealer from Siedlce. As part of the campaign, all nursery schools from Radzyń Podlaski and Siedlce were equipped with fluorescent vests.    
03.03.2014 | Spomlek film awards
Employees of the production and technology division from all of the Spomlek’s branches had more than two months to come up with and produce - in their free time - short films about their department. Concepts matured not unlike cheese - some ripened quickly, some required more nurturing.    
20.02.2014 | Golden Gouda with fenugreek
In the international competition “Łutszyj produkt-2014” organized at the PRODEXPO Moscow 2014 fairs, the Gouda with fenugreek cheese from Spomlek was awarded the Golden Medal. Almost 1500 products submitted by 500 producers were competing for the medals.