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17.03.2014 |
The Women’s Day celebrated with our cheese

March, 8th - the Women’s Day at the Torwar centre in Warsaw couldn’t take place without Spomlek’s representatives and cheeses. Our booth enjoyed tremendous popularity and was voted as the most engaging, consumer-friendly and interesting by the participants.



Organizers of the Women’s Day at the Torwar centre ensured that Ladies got their fair share of the day’s entertainment. On that day, the great Torwar hall transformed into a giant fashion and health zone, as well as the place of differently-themed workshops. Ladies had an opportunity to consult hair-stylists and beauticians, learn how to walk in heels, participate in culinary or photography workshops offering unique learning-through-fun experience. Additionally, the participants could take advantage of a free breast ultrasound scan, preventive medical treatments, dermatology consultations and aesthetic medicine consultations.

This eventful day also included tasting of long-maturing cheese variants from Spomlek and tasting of wine from the “Piwnica Smaków” distributor, organized by a sommelier Bartosz Kakowski. During the workshops, the participants learned the taste of high-quality wine & long-maturing cheese. The participants gained knowledge about this exceptional combination of tastes that so many people all over the world are passionate about. The workshops allowed them to fully enjoy the taste of cheese in the delectable company of wine, and to discover the delights hidden in each such combination.

People who visited the Spomlek’s booth were tasting and eagerly buying our products. The spicy & sweet taste of Bursztyn and the farmer-like aroma of the Rubin cheese drawn the biggest interest. A lot of attention was captured by cheese products from Radzyń Podlaski that relate to the cheese-making tradition and at the same time offer the milky taste of Gouda with original additives, thus delighting the consumers. The fact that our products do not contain artificial colouring, preservatives and vegetable fats was of huge significance.
A voucher for a cinema campaign of our products for 50,000 viewers was given as the award for the most popular booth.