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17.03.2014 |
Healthy diploma of the milk producer

On 15 March this year, participants of the workshop group of the “Healthy Cow” programme’s first edition summarized the results of the three-year cooperation with experts. 


As the most important they considered the following: improvement of the farms’ economic situation and the increased output level of cows while maintaining preferable milk parameters at the same time.The event was hosted by the Spomlek Dairy Cooperative from Radzyń Podlaski.Since 2011, twenty six milk-producing farms have been included in the special training & consultation programme. Under a watchful eye of experts from various disciplines, each farm underwent a thorough assessment taking under consideration economic indexes of milk production and the cattle health status. Cooperation with experts in the fields such as: economics of production, health prevention, zoo-technology and nutrition resulted in development of detailed guidelines for each of the farms. An additional benefit for milk producers was an opportunity to raise their skills through participation in multiple training courses and case-study trips to other farms both in Poland and abroad.

- Today, we say “thank you” to twenty six milk producers and cattle breeders for their hard work and effort  - says Monika Grzeszuk, the coordinator of the Healthy Cow project - For the last three years we have worked very hard together. Results can be seen both for all the farms collectively and for each farm individually. This symbolic diploma-giving ceremony means the end of a certain stage and the beginning of the next, more independent stage that involves implementation of the learnt solutions and their further improvement. Everything we have learnt together will give fruit in the future.

The new workshop group was greeted during the meeting. Their work under the “Healthy Cow” programme will begin with a few days case-study trip to one of the farms in Germany.

Please have a look at the photos from the event: