Old Poland

"Old Poland" is the finest Polish brand of long-maturing of cheese. Its taste is comparable to the best European types of cheese, such as those produced in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, and France.
Cheese labelled with the "Old Poland" brand is manufactured on the basis of traditional recipes and with the use of the best ingredients only. They are successful thanks to the use of the finest milk, delivered by carefully chosen suppliers, the unique maturing conditions, and the daily efforts of everyone responsible for personally supervising their maturation.

All this contributes to the fact that our cheese, sold under the "Old Poland” brand, such as Bursztyn, Rubin, Grand Radamer, and Grand Gouda, is unmatched in Poland as far as taste and quality is concerned. It is perfect both as a snack and for preparing a variety of interesting meals. The most important thing, however, is to cherish its taste in fine company!