Whey Protein Concentrate Powder WPC-80 Instant

Loose powder obtained from fresh whey extracted from the production of rennet cheeses.
Product characteristics: uniform, easily soluble and wettable powder, off-white to yellow, homogeneous, finely atomised with a specific proteinous flavour.
Instantisation with sunflower lecithin.

Packaging: primary packaging - paper bags - 15 kg,
4-ply with a polyethylene insert
Palletising: 825 kg on pallets, stretch-wrapped
Storage conditions: temperature ≤ 20°C, relative humidity ≤ 75%
Shelf life: 24 months from production date

Whey protein is the most popular source of this component. It contains all essential amino acids.
WPC is an instantised whey protein intended for people who live an active lifestyle and exercise to build up their muscle mass and stamina.
WPC is also a perfect supplement in high-protein diet, indispensable for rapid weight reduction or combating post-traumatic effects.