For suppliers

Our success would not be possible without model cooperation with our suppliers. At present, our cooperative numbers over 1800 members, among them almost 1,300 are individual farmers-suppliers. To show appreciation to their effort, we have designed programmes that allow our suppliers to display their potential and get the best possible rates for top quality milk.

Please, contact our Raw Material Sourcing Department

Agnieszka Kamela
Raw Material Sourcing Director
phone 83/ 35 11 422 Head Office
Ireneusz Koziej
Raw Material Sourcing Regional Manager
phone 83/ 35 11 436 Radzyń Podlaski Branch
Aleksandra Szczęsna
Raw Material Sourcing Coordinator
phone  55/ 23 07 526 Młynary Branch
Mirosława Wirkus
Raw Material Sourcing Coordinator
phone 52/ 39 65 508 Chojnice Branch
Józef Kaczyński
Director of Młynary Branch
phone 55/ 23 07 525
Damian Kożuch
Director of Chojnice Branch
phone 52/ 39 65 501