Grand Radamer

No doubt, Radamer is ranked among the most recognised Polish cheese brands. Some believe that, like Gouda or Emmentaler, Radamer was invented in the Netherlands or Switzerland.

The truth is the recipe was devised almost 20 years ago by the cheesemakers of Radzyń Podlaski. Until then, the global cheese-making industry had seen no cheese that world have combined the mildness of Dutch Gouda with the distinctness and wild cherry-sized eyes known from Swiss Emmentaler. Grand Radamer is a noble cheese aged for a minimum of 3 weeks in the so-called dry rind.

During its production, carefully selected propionic bacteria play a role as they make the cheese mass fill with characteristic air pockets. The cheese is constantly rotated and rubbed with a special paste that allows its breathing.

Carefully selected temperature, humidity, and time parameters enable the development of beautiful, large and evenly distributed eye-holes. The ultimate cheese product enchants consumers with its mild milky and creamy flavour with a tinge of walnut and roasted almond.