Gouda with bear’s garlic


... its healing properties were appreciated already by the ancient Germanic people. The cloves of this small plant would feature as a basic component in centuries-old natural medicine. Today, we know that bear’s garlic is very effective in supporting the circulation and digestive systems and works as a “natural antibiotic” facilitating infection prevention. In culinary terms, its deep aroma enriches the flavour of many dishes. 

There are such culinary combinations that suite any palate by juxtaposing a delicate flavour with a tinge of a distinctive aroma. Our milk Gouda will strike you with the subtlety of delicate texture with a discernible garlic note. 

This sophisticated combination perfectly matches the contrasting flavours, thus changing every meal into a sheer pleasure. We supplemented the well-known cheese with aromatic garlic which appeals to the senses, uncovers Gouda’s new taste qualities and enhances its nutritional values.  

Gouda with bear’s garlic goes well with sandwiches, as an ingredient of dishes or aromatic sauces.